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Lake County LGBTQ+ Divorce Attorney

Lake County Divorce Attorney

Lawyer for Family Law, LGBTQ+ Law, and Divorce in Lake County

Whether you are going through a divorce, need help with a family law matter, or require legal help with an LGBTQ+ law issue, our mission is to help you achieve your goals. At NextLevel Law, P.C. by Daniel R. Hernandez, Esq, we want to help the residents of Lake County through their stressful legal situations in order to realize a better future. We will listen to your situation, help build a strategy, and provide you with constant communication so that you better understand your case.

Lake County Family Law and Divorce Attorney

If you are going through a divorce or another family law matter in Lake County, our lawyer can provide legal representation in a variety of different cases. These include:

  • Child Custody - We always help protect your child's best interests when making decisions about the allocation of parenting time and parental responsibilities.
  • Child Support – Our lawyers will work to ensure your children have the financial support they need.
  • Property Division – Couples in a divorce will need to address an equitable manner in which to divide their finances, property, and other assets of their joint marital estate.
  • Business Valuation – For business owners going through a divorce, it is critical that the value of your business interests and how they will be divided after your divorce is finalized.
  • Investments and Retirement Accounts – Our attorneys can provide guidance on the division of valuable instruments for your long-term financial future, maximizing your share of the assets and avoiding tax or early withdrawal penalties.
  • Maintenance/Alimony – When one spouse earns more than the other, the higher earner may be required to provide financial support for a set amount and time period. We can make sure you are paying or receiving your fair share.
  • Post-Divorce Enforcement and Modifications – When circumstances change or your spouse is no longer providing their required support, our lawyers can help enforce your divorce order or petition the court for a modification.
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements - Before or after your wedding, our attorneys can help prepare an agreement to legally determine your non-marital assets and other issues to be protected in case of a divorce.
  • Adoption – Our firm helps couples or individuals navigate the legal process for adopting a child through traditional means as well as adoptions as a stepparent, relative, or foster parent.

LGBTQ+ Attorney in Lake County

Members of the LGBTQ+ community can face a number of unique legal challenges. As a 100% LGBTQ-owned law firm, we are ready to assist you in cases of LGBTQ+ Law, including:

  • Same Sex Adoptions – Our firm can help same-sex couples meet the legal requirements for adopting a child through an agency or stepparent adoption.
  • Same Sex Marriage & Divorce – We provide same-sex couples with legal help in manners of marriage and divorce, including child support, child custody, division of property, and spousal maintenance.
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements – Both before or after you get married, you can take steps to protect your non-marital assets through an agreement in case of a divorce.
  • Surrogacy – If you choose to bring a child into your family by using a surrogate, we can provide legal guidance through the surrogacy process.

Contact a Lake County Divorce and LGBTQ+ Law Attorney

The attorneys of NextLevel Law, P.C. by Daniel R. Hernandez, Esq are ready to provide you with dedicated, professional representation to achieve success in your case. Whether you need help with a divorce case, family law matter, or LGBTQ+ law issue, contact our Lake County lawyers by email or by calling 312-442-2225 today. Our firm offers flat fees for our services and never charges you by the hour.

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