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Joliet LGBTQ+ Divorce Attorney

Joliet, IL LGBTQ Attorney

Attorney for LGBTQ+ Issues, Divorce, and Family Law in Joliet

At NextLevel Law, P.C. by Daniel R. Hernandez, Esq, our attorneys know that legal matters can be stressful and emotional. Our job is to help you understand your options, work together to build a strategy, and successfully achieve your goals. Whether it is a family law case, divorce proceedings, or an LGBTQ+ legal issue, we can protect the things you care about and set the stage for a better future.

Family Law and Divorce Lawyer in Joliet

For cases of divorce or other matters of family law, we provide our clients with knowledgeable, compassionate legal representation. Cases that we can provide counsel include:

  • Child Custody – When determining the allocation of parenting responsibilities and parenting time during a divorce, our attorneys will always put your children's best interests first.
  • Child Support – To ensure your child has the appropriate levels of financial support, our attorneys will ensure your ex-spouse or former partner is providing fair levels of child support.
  • Property Division – Dividing marital assets and assigning debts after a marriage is dissolved can be stressful for both parties. We will work hard to set you up for a successful financial future.
  • Business Valuation – When one or both spouses own a business, it is essential to determine the company's value and how it may be divided between the spouses.
  • Investments and Retirement Accounts – Financial tools for retirement, like pensions, IRAs, 401(k) plans, and investment accounts, may all be divided as part of the joint marital estate, no matter which spouse earned them.
  • Spousal Maintenance – Our lawyers will help determine whether either spouse is entitled to spousal maintenance (formerly known as alimony), due to a difference in the income or earning potential of the two spouses.
  • Post-Divorce Enforcement and Modifications – Child support and spousal support can be modified after a divorce if there is a change in either spouse's income or other circumstances. Missing or late support payments are also subject to enforcement by the court, which we can assist you in pursuing.
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements – To protect non-marital assets, some spouses decide on a prenuptial agreement before the marriage. A postnuptial allows an already married couple to designate certain assets as not eligible to be divided in case of a divorce or protect a spouse from business or other debt.
  • Adoption – If you wish to adopt a child into your family, through traditional means or as a stepparent, foster parent, or relative adoption, our lawyers can help you navigate the process.

Joliet Attorney for LGBTQ+ Cases

Our 100% LGBTQ-owned firm knows that members of our community can face several unique legal challenges. We can assist in LGBTQ+ Law cases, including:

  • Same-Sex Adoptions – Our attorneys are ready to help same-sex and LGBTQ+ couples who wish to adopt a child.
  • Same-Sex Marriage & Divorce – Our firm assists same-sex couples with legal assistance in both marriage and divorce cases. This can include handling child support and custody cases, property and asset division, and spousal support.
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements – Same-sex and LGBTQ+ couples can enter into pre and postnuptial agreements to protect non-marital assets as a safeguard against a legal battle in a divorce.
  • Surrogacy – We can help LGBTQ+ couples welcome a child into their family through the surrogacy process.

Contact a Joliet Attorney for Divorce, Family Law, and LGBTQ+ Cases

Our team of skilled, compassionate lawyers is ready to help you achieve success in your divorce, family law, or LGBTQ+ case. At NextLevel Law, P.C. by Daniel R. Hernandez, Esq, we treat our clients with respect and pride ourselves on our integrity. We provide affordable, high-quality representation and never charge our clients by the hour. Our services have a flat rate, so you know what to expect. Call our office today at 312-442-2225 or contact us via email for your free consultation.

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