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Families can come in all forms and giving a child a safe and loving home can be the greatest gift that a family or individual can provide. However, adding a child through adoption can be an emotional and complex process. We can help alleviate the stress from your adoption case, no matter which of the many different types of adoption you are pursuing. At NextLevel Law, P.C. by Daniel R. Hernandez, Esq, our experienced lawyers can support you throughout the domestic and international adoption process. Our firm frequently assists families who wish to adopt stepchildren as well as same-sex couples who are looking to adopt. We can help you through the legal process for adoption so you can begin a new life together.

Different Types of Adoption for Illinois Families

In any adoption case, a person or couple becomes the new legal parents to a child, and the biological parents' rights are terminated. The adoptive parents assume the responsibility of caring for and providing for the child until the age of 18. There are many different types of adoption, including:

Traditional adoption – In a traditional, domestic adoption, parents adopt a child from their birth parents, either through a public or private adoption agency. These adoptions can be open, where the birth parents and adoptive parents are in contact or closed when the parents do not meet and no information is exchanged.

Private adoption – A private adoption is done outside of an agency and involves an agreement between the adoptive and birth parents. These cases are more likely to be an open adoption, where the parents and child can remain in contact with each other.

International adoption – While adopting a child from another country can be more complicated; many couples find it a rewarding choice. The adoptive parents must meet state and federal adoption laws, as well as the adoption requirements of the child's country.

Adoption of a foster child - If a family chooses to provide a foster home for a child, they could wish to formally adopt them when the foster period is over. While these cases can be more complex, the prospective adoptive parents and child have the advantage of having an existing relationship. These cases can also involve the necessity for the child's birth parents to formally terminate their parental rights, which can be another hurdle.

Stepparent adoption – The most common form of adoption in Illinois is stepparent adoption. If a parent gets remarried after a divorce or the death of their spouse, the child can be legally adopted by the new spouse. If the child's other biological parent is still alive, they must be notified. Their approval and termination of parental rights are required for the adoption.

Same-sex adoption – Same-sex couples have the same adoption rights that a heterosexual couple do. They can jointly adopt a child through domestic or international adoption and open or closed adoption cases. If one or both members of a same-sex couple have children from a previous marriage or relationship, co-parent adoption is an option. A co-parent adoption allows the non-birth parent of the child to have all the rights of a biological parent, including the right to make decisions on the child's education and medical care. If the couple later divorces, the non-birth parent would retain certain parental rights.

Relative adoption – In cases where a child's parents have died or are unable to care for the child, they can be adopted by a relative. The most common cases of relative adoption involve grandparents, aunts, and uncles. After the adoption, the relative is legally responsible for the child and secures all parental rights.

Trusted Cook County Adoption Lawyers

For your adoption case, you can trust the family law attorneys at NextLevel Law, P.C. by Daniel R. Hernandez, Esq. Our lawyers will help you navigate the adoption process to successfully bring a child into your loving family. We are proud to represent the LGBTQ+ community and are ready to assist you in same-sex adoption cases. Our firm offers flat fees for services and never charges by the hour. We can help with your adoption case no matter where you are in the Chicago area, including Cook County, Lake County, DuPage County, Will County, and Joliet. Our lawyers speak both English and Spanish to better serve you. Call our office today at 312-442-2225 for your free initial consultation.

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