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Is your spouse hiding assets?

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You know that you must have a firm understanding of your assets when you file for divorce. This allows you to get a fair split under the current laws.

To help, you begin looking into your assets a bit more deeply than you have before. What you find is that, since you and your spouse have been informally talking about divorce, they have started making financial transactions you didn't know about. Are they trying to hide assets?

What might this look like?

Any time there is a notable change, that should raise some red flags. But you also want to know how people may hide assets.


Hate crimes are illegal in America, so why do they keep happening? Far too many members of the LGBT community in Chicago, Illinois, ask themselves this question every day. They face discrimination, harassment and violence at a rate that other American citizens rarely experience.

There is help available, however, for the victims of hate crimes.

What qualifies as a hate crime?

According to Illinois legal code, hate crimes can include a wide array of illegal actions, including:


Layoffs, shutdowns, reduced work hours and childcare challenges have affected nearly everyone's lives over the past year due to the pandemic. For couples already experiencing marital difficulties when the stay-at-home orders began, life became even more complicated.

With 2021 in full swing and vaccines bringing the promise of life returning closer to normal later this year, many of those spouses are considering whether and when they should file for divorce. Much of that may depend upon you and your spouse's financial circumstances over the coming months.

Advantages of filing now

When assessing your situation and the best timing for filing for divorce, it's advisable to talk to a knowledgeable family law attorney who understands why filing early can make sense in many cases, including:


Society has largely gained a better understanding of LGBTQ issues — including the fact that membership in that class is not a “lifestyle” or a “choice.” Gender-identity is not purely binary nor fixed by outward sexual characteristics and — just like sexual orientation — is something inborn.

Unfortunately, there's been a proliferation of anti-gay and anti-transgender legislation in various states that are making life increasingly difficult for LGBTQ people. That may, however, soon change.

What's the Equality Act?

The Equality Act would amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act to make LGBTQ people a specifically protected class. That would forbid, on a federal level, discrimination against members of the LGBTQ people when it comes to things like housing, employment, adoption rights and public accommodations.


Si usted está pasando por una situación de abuso doméstico, puede acceder a asistencia marcando al 312-442-2225 y texto teléfono para personas con impedimentos auditivos (TTY) al 312-442-2225.

Esta línea (enlace en inglés) es:

  • Confidencial
  • Multilingüe
  • Gratuita
  • Disponible las 24 hrs.

No sólo las víctimas de abuso pueden buscar asistencia llamando a este número sino también amigos o familiares de ellas, profesionales y abusadores. Las personas que contestan estas llamadas están entrenadas para ayudar con información para conseguir refugio, asesoramiento psicológico y legal y otros recursos de asistencia.

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